Colonic Irrigation Board

colonic irrigation board uk

The kit you have is a valuable tool to cleanse the bowel and hence the blood and subsequently the cells. The advantage of this method over ingesting herbs and detox formulas is that it puts little strain on the organs. However, depending upon your state of health, both may be used at the same time.

There are many benefits to having your own unit. It is done in the privacy of your home,there is only a small pressure of water entering the body, nothing is forced and yet with the combination of gentle abdominal self massage the results are extremely effective.

Cost wise, the board lasts years and the health benefits can be rapid, but it is always there to use. Use before going on holiday to ensure less chance of tummy upset whilst away.

If you feel a cold coming on then you are toxic, have up to three colonics in a day to stop it before it starts. Most important of all, you are gradually removing a build up of mucous that has hardened over the years,infiltrating the walls of the colon and hence the are unblocking your sewerage system. It is so simple,safe and easy , we only have to overcome the conditioning of our society about such matters to join a history of people and civilisations that have seen the necessity to self care in a way that is logical and effective.


Your board is handmade by a company in the foothills of the Malvern Hills, and involves many stages to complete,there are subtle variations on the boards because of this.

The main purpose is to provide you with a tool to cleanse internally in relative comfort with no splashing of evacuated waste (it goes down the loo). The waste both solid and liquid exits the body around the rectal tip,which stays in place during the irrigation process.

You receive your board with a tube inserted through the back of the board. This tube attaches to the supplied lengths of tubing. It is a good idea when connecting the main length of tubing to the tube coming from the back of the board (installed) not to push on too far as it will be harder to remove when the process is finished.

The process is safe,easy and effective.



You will need a water container that will safely take 25 litres or so ( less or more is fine). We recommend a plastic jerry can as it has a handle and is lifted easier than an open container.

The next step is to elevate the base of the container 24-36 inches above the level of the loo seat. Some people use an aluminium stepladder of medium height and put the container on the top flat step, or a strong shelf or windowsill etc. You can place the container and fill in situ with a 2litre or so container,as 25 litres is heavy.

This is a gravity fed system so height is the gentle method to use the flow from the container.

Fill your container with warm water at 100-104 degrees FAHRENHEITit is useful to have a thermometer handy.

Insert the syphon arrangement into the placed container. You will receive one of two types of syphon,the simplest is a tube attached to a curved piece of plastic which rests on the lip of the container,or a plastic telescopic syphon which you pull out to the depth of the container( note, on this syphon you may pull off the plastic cup at the bottom to ensure complete emptying of the water container).

Before you attach the tube from the container to the back of the board,open the clip on the tube and insert the supplied syringe.using the syringe, start the water flow and when flowing close off the tube clip and attach the tube to the back of the board.before getting  on the board open the clip on the tube and allow the water to flow through the whole system with the rectal tip attached to the tube on the interior of the board.

The board itself should be placed on the toilet seat and the other end (head end) supported by a firm chair, additionally a stool is placed under the board between the chair and toilet. The board should be elevated slightly at the head end and slanted down toward the loo. This ensures a snug fit of your bottom when lying on the board.


Straddle the board and gently lie down sliding toward the rectal tip. You need to insert the tip 2-3 inches into the rectum,see pic to right. Placing the end of the tip at the end of the sunken recess nearest to the top of the board is ideal. Alternatively, measure three inches from the top of the tip down the shaft,and place an elastic band by wrapping at this depth. This allows you to feel when it is inserted enough. ( you may leave it on as the waste is evacuated around the sides of the tip).

The tip can be moved to the right length by moving the tubing coming through the back of the board. This tubing is a tight fit which is necessary to keep the unit watertight, but will move with gentle pressure.

Have a cushion or towel for your head and lubricate the tip and yourself with lubricating jelly. Insert slowly and gently and lie on the board, knees bent and feet on the end of the board either side of the bowl section.

That's it, you are ready for take off!!

Open the clip and feel the water enter your bowel. The body will naturally expel the water and waste as the flow continues. After a couple of colonic sessions,retain water in the intestines when it feels it wants to expel. You will have a sense of fullness followed by a release of the body as it accepts more water. Start this gently and never overdo things. If in doubt, just let the water flow in and out by itself.

Many allow water in and close the tube clip to allow the water to retain for a few minutes and then expel.



Rub your abdomen gently with the heel of your palm in circles from the navel outwards and then back to the centre, gently does it.

Another excellent method is place the hands behind your head as if supporting the head ( lazy day in sunshine position), this posture really allows great evacuation. Experiment as you get used to the process.

Relax, then relax some more!

Periodically,knock the tubing against the water container to remove any bubbles and air locks which hinder water flow and are caused by back flow as you evacuate the water.

It's a good idea to keep the length of tubing from the water container to the back of the board to be as short as possible. Once your routine and placement is established, you may want to cut some of this tubing to keep it as short as possible. Don't worry if you overdo it, we can send more.

When finished, close the clip, ease yourself off the board and remove the tubing from the syphon. Place board in shower and remove tubing from water container, open the clip and release any water in the tubing. ( keep the clip open when not in use to allow air inside the tubing). Stay close to the loo as you might have some retained water that will want to evacuate.

You may well feel lighter physically and emotionally, but importantly you are ridding yourself of years of impacted waste and some freeloading parasites that we really don't want.

 I really recommend further reading. In particular a book by Dr Norman Walker, Colon Health the key to a vibrant life ( you can regain the vitality of your youth) ISBN 9-89019-069-0

" The very best of diets can be no better than the very worst,if the sewage system of the colon is clogged with a collection of waste and corruption"


A video of the procedure is shown on


Suggested accessories

25litre container




We are often asked about additives to the water, there are many possibilities. Personally we like to keep things simple.

Filtered water is fine, eg a large Brita type water jug filter filled several times over with cold water and the last few boiled to bring up to temperature.

A chlorine filter fitted onto the shower hose between the hose and shower head is great.

These are available off E-Bay for £10-20 and last ages, the skin feels great after showering as well!

The only additive we use are a few drops of high quality liquid soap ( the pump type containers). This changes the viscosity of the water and in our opinion gives a wonderful clean. However, you don't need any additives if you are unsure. Water works just fine on its own, remember the process is gentle and you will start to use the board intuitively after a while.


Don't forget, this process is also valuable "me" time. Some relaxing music,a book, even candles add to the ambience and effectiveness of this gentle process.

The board is well wrapped and therefore not evident as to it's contents.

It's ok to share the board with others, but not the tip, keep this for your own use.

Ideally if shared, it's best to obtain another tubing assembly.

Cleaning the board with mild detergent or sterilising solution ie Milton is fine.

This is also useful for keeping the tip clean in between uses.