EMF Reversing Torch Clean Energy

Food Torch Emf Reversing

Reverse EMF from food by scanning torch over food for 2-3 seconds.

Scan over your drinks 2-3 seconds.

Naturally eat less within 10 days..

A smaller device than our lasers, the frequencies passed on are temporary and the light will not travel as far as the Laser. However, the EMF reversal is permanent.

PERFECT for kitchen and food preparation area.

Food that is remediated passes all its energy into the body. Unremediated food is contaminated with frequencies that cancel out much of the goodness...Seems this situation is not going to resolve anytime soon.



If ALL the foods that you eat are remediated, within a few days your natural appetite will decrease as the body is receiving the energy from food and not the energy hidden in EMF sludge which the body has to hunt for..Even worse some non foods, marketed as food, can take more energy to digest than the body should receive from the food.

The result of many years work by a group with an average of over 190 IQ (Genius category). One of many such devices is the technology that goes into this torch and laser. The torches and lasers are inexpensive, however the time and effort and genius were not.

It is Normal that within ten days of beaming food and drink that you will eat less, naturally.

Beaming your food for a couple of seconds (instructions sent) removes the residual EMF sludge from your food..ALL FOOD even organic. As a result, once beamed, you are effectively consuming the Solar Energy from food. Everything from your Fridge needs remediating, Organic foods, stored in fridges etc will need remediating. Sensitives will taste the difference.

Yes, if its your aim you will lose weight, but slowly as your body rids itself of the non foods your body doesnt recognise.....Anything fried in oil....add a cold oil eg olive oil to food..the body will consume as normal as opposed to storing a food it does not recognise and therefore cannot eliminate well..acidifying. You will receive details of a simple test that is learned in under a minute...proof is such a crucial factor, please do not just believe.

(you will need two people to do the quick test)

Food,drink,natural energy.

Beam FRIDGE in and out takes a couple of seconds.

Torch may be used on the body for cuts,scrapes, bumps ..anything acute...even acute exacerbation of chronic issues. Although selling this unique technology..this description is such an undersell...find out for yourself

try beaming stomach for 2 or 3 seconds..there are 3 benefits you will discover.

If you are ordering the colonic kit it is a good idea to do the above technique for an hour or two before having colonic..results are marvellous!!

Please remember this is not a toy and care must be taken where the light is pointed.  Food,Drink, Cutlery,Electrical devices and Most importantly shine the torch on the fridge and inside the fridge.

It is perfectly reasonable to shine the torch onto a recent cut,scrape,burn,etc for a minute at a time...great for night leg cramps, just scan up and down.

In other words acute instances respond excellently.

Keep off face and eyes....This is an instance where less time is more....you can put yourself on by scanning torso as fast as you can..that is it.

Testing is fun and you can learn in a minute the results from a non remediated food and a one using the torch..the result will astound. www.QRA.me


Remember, batteries included, please be sure to get 3 more AAA batteries.

Shine torch on these thee batteries for 2 seconds and put them to one side in a drawer. These are ready to put into torch when the current batteries run down....Always have remediated batteries available...New batteries are dirty electricity, if put in the torch it will not deliver anything useful to your food and drink, bumps and cuts etc.

Please remember this is not a toy



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Please note the individual torches and lasers might differ from those shown.

They are simply some of the tools that pass their benefits on, and as such are excellent delivery tools



Anything Edible or Liquids Remediated with the torch will test strong