Aggressors and Health

We are introducing, what we feel is the most important element that is missing from our fight on external aggressors.

Aggressors, deplete our energy and reserves, meaning our bodies are using energy to combat rather than regenerate.

Colonics is a great way of ridding ourselves of toxins,worms,and a myriad of nasties that aggress and deplete our inner system.


We have now started, after many years of searching, to sell a range of low energy lasers that literally REVERSE all, yes ALL electro magnetic frequencies...Goodness so many devices on the market, and how to choose.


Lets look at it this way. ALL naturally produced energies eg Schumann, which has probably been our Mother Earth frequency since the age of the Dinosaurs. Its still here, faithfully putting out 7.8hz ( yes this is now the exact frequency).

However, we cannot feel it anymore...Infact there is probably only one place where this frequency (and others) are full and thriving...The International Space Station. Here ON Earth, such ancient and life supporting frequencies are covered by some 200 times by technogenic frequencies. Its still the hidden gem, but youll not feel much of its "AT HOME" effects.


We have come across a company in New York that has been perfecting this technology over many years and with huge investment in time and money.


Lets look at it a different way.

All natural frequencies have either a wave or a frequency, but not both. These more rarified and life supporting energies have a spin , a right spin with faster moving molecules and able to donate givers.

Technogenic frequencies have a wave and a frequency. These have slower moving molecules, a left spin and steal electrons.


The technology employed in these home lasers will reverse ALL left spin (stealing  and energy depleting) and change it to right spin....Imagine all the goodness hidden in water and food which is covered by left spin sludge. Imagine that the worst offender in your house is your Fridge. We buy good food, put it in the fridge and immediately it is covered with EMF sludge.


What do we want from our food. SOLAR ENERGY, we are getting tiny amounts mixed with sludge of EMF. How much more do we have to eat to receive what we can obtain from quickly waving your laser over food and water. 

You will taste the real food and real water. 


Too good to be true...YES

maybe two people in ten will actually taste any difference from the get go....see how you taste and feel after 21 days

Try two glasses of tap (dead) water laser one and not the other....keep glasses far apart to avoid spill light. It takes one fiftieth of a second, but maybe our dead water might take 2-3 seconds.

Still too good to be true YES

The lasering is not a permanent effect. 

You will need to laser every plate of food, every glass of water ( unless you get a gravity water filter which you can laser 2-3 seconds for a full load)


CHECK out   and learn a very quick can check this for real, what is "on" or "off"   

remember this is instant.. ALL EMF  (yes even that one)...instructions sent with order for even lasering your home for complete protection, your car and jewellery. 

The relatives of this laser are used all over the world by professional vets>>>>do you have a dog that is anxious and barks non stop....shine the light over animal for half a second or less. If your animal is sensitive, their behaviour will change in seconds...If not, then half a second or less every day for 21 days.

Remember your fridge is the main aggressor..also laser shoes,glasses, clothes. 

This is the original Aggressor Messor.....That sludge of emf doesnt belong in your living room, house, body, garden...endless list.

Learn the above TEST, please.

However it is safe to say that anything that comes out of your tap or fridge, microwave etc is "off"..laser it and instantly REVERSE all EMF....This has no affect on any electrical device that is harmful to it. Also laser batteries in all appliances.

Please contact me for your interest, as this is a new and exciting venture we are providing REVERSE EMF with SCHUMANN resonance laser.

Later we will introduce the laser with over 4000 frequencies plus REVERSE EMF with SCHUMANN

I can provide price and a tip on how you can keep your laser working for (possibly) years