Long Covid And other Complaints



Long Covid is a condition affecting millions. These opinions expressed are my own and might help explain some of your questions based upon my research and tools available to help this condition.

Opinions vary as to how this condition starts in one person and not the next. Firstly, it should be appreciated that the body is electrical before it is bio-chemical. Our brains have some 600,000 feet of wiring...let alone the body which is much greater.

Through my training, I have seen many people suffering from virtual aggressors.

A virtual aggressor happens after the body has a great shock, maybe a childhood incident or a sudden onset of disease.

These shocks, the body does not understand, but nevertheless,tries to compensate by protecting the body...Incidents can colour the life of a persons experiences.

The aggressor (virus,car accident,human aggressor)goes.

The body, now is defending against an aggressor that is no longer there, a virtual aggressor. Some feel..beside myself.. .,  knocked sideways is another example.

Most troublingly, like a frightened cornered animal, the body has no direct way to turn off this virtual aggressor, so it goes into overdrive, protecting against good and bad..very tiring and sucks away immunity. A virus in a body with good amounts of immunity is better dealt with than in a body that is compromised. A virus in a compromised body will duplicate in order to survive..At this point in my opinion there is no quick fix to this. Additionally it is theorised that a virus can enter through a branch of the central nervous system and take up residence on a section of the spine, even crossing the blood brain barrier. every section of the spine relays impulses to motor branches etc. hence possibly why the symptoms of LC apart from fatigue are countless.

The Technology

Born out of decades of research and tapping scientists minds from all over the world, technology has been released to the general public over the last few years that being totally safe and the application method FDA approved, we come to the zenith of provable technology that remediates all that the light touches...instantly.

The application method is through a soft laser that is at its peak of transmission and broadcast. This means everything the beam touches in as little as 1/50th of a second is remediated. Remediation is permanant on static objects and temporary on movable, ie people,animals.

What is remediate mean.

Nearly everything under the influence of ambient or wired electricity tests weak. This can be said another way, that everything that has a slow left electron spin, steals energy.

A remediation is when (even just a tiny fraction of light from the soft laser) reverses the spin to a right spin which donates energy.

Food....All food from the fridge is left spin..even organic.

The fridge is one of the worst emitters of left spin...your food is slow spin, very little goodness actually reaching the gut, and having to eat more to obtain lesser amounts of goodness.

Solution...Laser the fridge for one or two seconds inside and out. You will find after a few short days that you are eating less quantity of food as you are effectively getting all the solar energy from the food ( laser plate of food for a second or two before eating)..Just that one fact is remarkable.

Laser your whole house inside and out, initially just two to three seconds a room 360 degrees horizontal and 360degrees vertical..outside of house initially 2-3 seconds per side, plus roof if you can. A remediated house is a joy, feel the difference. If you have long covid, take it slow following the instructions above. Only use the light on the body for speed healing bumps,scrapes etc. Otherwise when house,fridge,fusebox is remediated, put laser away for a week or so.

After a couple of weeks refer to the instructions sent with laser for a more permanant laser technique and many other tips on a whole lot of items...

The laser motto is Less is More..take your time.

Visitors to a remediated dwelling often say..have you decorated..or..this place feels totally different, you can thank them by swiping the laser once as fast as you can over their midriff...they are now remediated ( until they are in a new area that has not been remediated...effect gradually wears off in other words.

Swipe a friends house as quickly as you can left to right and back again...what a difference and a gift to them.

Write a diary or take regular selfies as after a few months looking back you can gauge your progress.

This laser is the only clean energy laser in the world that reverses EMF. remove the biggest aggressor so that you may deal with yours.


The soft laser is £140 and includes batteries. Home Unit


The Home Plus Laser  soft lase ris more powerful and works at several hundred feet away (farmers,gardens,fruit,buildings) also for home and personal £240   


for uk shipping add £6.00

Home and Home plus Laser £340 one red one green


Home vials for warmer feeling in colder environment

£40 for four  


when ordering Home and Home Plus laser together you will receive 4 vials free







contact  howardegimber@hotmail.co.uk


Environmental Aggressors

Living and Environmental aggressors are pretty much the same now ( being optimistic) than they were when Long Covid struck. The question goes back to why me, and not them etc.

Ive no answer to some of that question, maybe inherited miasmic influences or diseases running in the near family.

Actually, regardless, we are living in a sea of huge aggression, technogenic frequencies, from microwave,millimeter wave frequencies, stuck in a cage of 60hz wiring..It is a wonder the body is not further aggressed. However, these aforementioned aggressors insiduously find their way in..SOME MORE THAN OTHERS, and disrupt our natural harmony. People are sick, and drugs cant help fused wiring.

Companies churn out devices that protect from this or that, but the results are not provable...hearsay and testimonials are nothing to your own proof..

The person with Long Covid and many other diseases is trying to heal in the same increasingly harmful environment that may be have weakened the body to such a degree that without remediating this environment, how can it possibly heal.

We have all been affected by the so called conspiracies, lets just say this subject is a conflict of interest.. When you are able to prove the harm by a medically patented test on a body part for yourself you will not be bothered by the big buck companies or the people with 99% of their opinions 100% wrong.

The Long Covid in my limited timewise experience from others is not a quick fix. I have confidence in a technology from a company that has impeccable morals and 7plus1 scientists working twenty years, all with 190 plus IQ..on just these aggressors..repeat On Just These Aggressors.


However, it is wise to learn how to do the test (in under a minute) so that you can prove for yourself. 

Personally I would like this test to be done on your fridge, phone, house, before purchase, then repeat after purchase.

Remove the worst aggressor so that you can deal with your own

Innovative,unique,and provable technology by a group of very special people who have dedicated their professional lives into creating technology that is used by astronauts,top end racing vets,doctors,and increasingly savvy people who either by sensitivity or education that 24/7 exposure to aggressive electro frequencies, many of which the body has never been exposed to before, can now be tamed provably. If it cant be proven..please do not use on hearsay or testimonials...Big Buck Parasites.

LEARN THE TEST..go to wwwQRA.me

browse though and learn more


Vets Delight

The technology used by many vets

A horse injury that might take 6-8 weeks to heal.

Speed healed in 6-8 days with this technology.

Safe technology used by a few thousand people worldwide, introduced now to the UK

Chronic or Acute


we suggest treating food and environment with laser to help your body settle and not fight anything. Any acute instances of bites,cuts and scrapes may be attended with the laser...15 seconds holding it still or slowly painting the area.then pause and if need be another 15 seconds

Attend all acute problems immediately..see your dog or cat change to the better in seconds from a bump or scrape.

After a week or two in your remediated environment you can start to work on any aches and pains for short bursts..Remember

Less is MORE

OVER 4600 frequencies

The frequencies that have been used in three New York clinics over the decades to speed heal are in the laser.

This process alone, to instill these separately that they may be emitted within 1/50th of a second as separate, too almost seven years to achieve.  Please treat the unit with care, treat it like the million pound unit it is...If dropped on hard surface it might break.

Energy vials (home vials)

These remarkable vials are tiny and contain copper pellets imbued with EMF reversal technology. For home or stables etc, these make the body feel warm in a cool or cold environment...see how the removal of aggressive EMF naturally makes you cosy. try two per room, one elevated and one on the floor. A must for putting on top or as close to the top of the fridge. They are tiny so please keep away from inquisitive pets and children. Really feel the effect on a crispy morning..


jewellery needs lasering regularly especially diamonds and crystals..the purer the stone the quicker the sludge gathers

mirrors and windows gather great amounts of sludge.

laser clothes,eye glasses,shoes, all food and drink, behind bed, doorframes..much more in instructions sent


If it tests weak, laser it.

All food from fridge tests weak..laser it

laser plants quick swipe..watch growth


Personal experience with friends with long covid and Home and Home Plus Laser


general complaints..extreme tiredness and pains, low mental energy...dragging through the day

4 months after lasering property and food and hand and foot points plus occasional acute exacerbations.

days of high energy followed by flat days. This evened out to a brighter disposition and a wider horizon. Some limits ie knowing when time to rest, but plans for future and more friend evenings. These of course might be improvements that might have happened naturally, but from my opinion of other diseases, the above seem to be a pattern that is replicated well with the addition of these uber useful and effective tools.

The main thing seems to be the desire to return to the way it was before, and it is encouraging to hear such positive statements from people with this and other conditions.

The above is hugely encouraging, and i would expect others to benefit in such a fashion, some in a shorter time, some longer...but in the few months i have had with this technology and support from the inventors these results are not surprising