Colonic Home Unit

As can be seen from the above picture, the rectal tip is semi-flexible and very thin, which assists placement when you start the colonic irrigation procedure.


The Colonic irrigation board  kit comes with all tubing, tip and syphon with syringe plus instructions.

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Spare tubing assembly with tip  £40 inc post




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colonic irrigation tip for home use
Colon irrigation tip


114 LONG X 38 WIDE


 colonic home unit
home colonic irrigation board construction

Home Colonics    how often do I use the Kit


If you have never had a colonic it  obviously appears like a journey into the unknown!

Take your time,relax and you will see and feel what an energising experience it can be.

Subsequent colonics will allow you to relax more as you become accustomed to the process.Colonic Irrigation for weight loss can be very productive, as waste lingers less in the bowel lessening the chance of accumulated deposits on the colon wall.

Indeed, this is valuable "me" time, 45 minutes to an hour of taking care of yourself with a refreshing bath or shower afterwards.

How often you want to use it is up to you. Often it takes years to deform our bowel affecting the associated organs with the bowel reflex points. Therefore we want to start, maybe two to three times a week for a month and gradually reduce this over the coming months. Certainly if you feel a cold coming on then you are toxic, take 2-3 colonics in a day to help prevent its onset. Have a series of colonics before going abroad to help the digestive system cope with different food. You will probably become more intuitive to your body and "know" when to cleanse. These are my experiences. Of course if you wish, there are many sites to browse as to detox regimes (taking a week off work to do these is a good idea). The most important thing is that you have a tool to cleanse gently the sewerage system of the body, affordably and in the comfort of your home at a time you wish.

Colonic Irrigation Units such as the Home colonic irrigation kit can give one a feeling of self-empowerment.

If you are affected from a present complaint and are unsure whether home colonic irrigation is advisable, it is a good idea to consult your healthcare provider.