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PRICE £375 INCLUDES BOARD,ALL TUBING,SYRINGE TO START WATER FLOW,RECTAL TIP,INSTRUCTIONS.    UPS 24 HOUR SIGNED FOR DELIVERY.  TO U.K. Note, at present due to social distancing, signing for kit may not be required)








PAYPAL PAYMENTS and contact  howardegimber@hotmail.co.uk






Length 114cm Width 38cm. depth (for length of 90cm) is 1.5cm and for 24cm of board the depth is 25cm.

Weight unpacked 8.5kg

Weight packed 10-10.5 kg

The board is water resistant, ie shower is fine.

Boards are sent by UPS.



Colonic irrigation unit uk
colonic home board benefits

A benefit that is often overlooked when we talk about colonic irrigation, is the benefit to the outward freshness of the body as well. Many skin complaints caused by toxicity are alleviated, our breath can be neutral and body odour in our feedback has been lessened greatly.

You feel good therefore you look good.

Many, believe we can carry between 7-12lbs of impacted waste in our system and again as a result of colonics some of this can be shed over time resulting in a lighter body.

Colonics can be a very important part of your health regime. In a way it sings its own praises, and people are either drawn to it or not.

It  does seem logical to clean our sewerage system to help the build up of mucous that occurs in the bowel when foods often eaten in the wrong combination can become attached to the colon wall, reducing its diameter.

Colonic Irrigation also can help one feel emotionally lighter, out with the old, in with the new.The Pinkboard Home Colonic Irrigation Unit is a safe and easy way to irrigate the colon,with a gravity fed pressure that gently allows warm water in which is naturally expelled by the peristaltic action of the bowel. Cases of constipation are greatly relieved, whilst the bowel cleaning has far reaching benefits throughout the body.