Colonics At Home

colonic home kit and probiotics

There is confusion amongst those interested in colonic irrigation, whether supplements are required or not and does colonics wash away the friendly bacteria. Much debate still goes on both agreeing we need to supplement and those that say the bowel bacteria is unaffected.

Before probiotics, we need to look at digestive enzymes and a role they play in the body.

The food we consume has an energetic quality, depending upon freshness,quality of the soil where it was grown and diet and care of the animals when alive. The less quality energy of the food we eat means its digestive quality in our body is reduced. A quality food has enzymes of its own to digest within the body, thus giving us energy. Poor grade food might have little enzyme quality and so to digest it the body has to use its reserves to do so, depleting energy.

Supplementing with enzymes can be a good move to ensure this essential building block is activated.Many bless their food before eating, by prayer or silently. This is a lovely way of ensuring the food has human harmony and even food that is obviously poor or depleted can be temporarily elevated by self blessing.

Probiotics, similar to enzymes, have a greater success when we eat quality food, fresh,grown/lived in a healthy environment etc. By this token,supplementing with foods that have probiotic potential such as live yoghurt is a necessary part of a healthy diet.

Now the main aim of coloics initially is to get rid of any fetid waste held in the bowel and pockets of the bowel. Many believe the bowel is encrusted and toxins seep through into the bloodstream compromising many systems of the body.

Probiotics and fresh food help ensure that a balanced colony is preserved. The only time more might be required is when people do intensive courses of colonics, which stirs everything up. It is better, unless you have the spare time, to take things slowly, after all its taken years for toxins to build up so we need to gradually recondition the body to accepting it is being cleaned and detoxed but at a pace that does not throw the body into confusion.




If you are unsure whether colnics can benefit you, or you are suffering from a medical complaint it is always best to consult your healthcare provider first.

Colonics done properly should give no discomfort, sometimes some bloating occurs after which quickly subsides. Your bowel will not hold large amounts of water. It is intended that the water flows in and out naturally and unimpeded. ONLY HOLD SMALL AMOUNTS OF WATER IN IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE AND CLOSE OFF THE WATER CLIP WHEN YOU DO SO.

Any discomfort, then stop the water and release all water.

Do not try and speed up the process of colonics by using excess water,holding in uncomfortable amounts of water. Always to be on the safe side let the water flowin and out unimpeded. You will have some water left in the colon when you are finished, dont wander too far from the loo for half an hour or so after the process. As with any self administered therapy, knowledge of what you are doing is important. Informing yourself of the process,by reading, using the Internet, or Professional advice is always beneficial in getting the most from the process.

The first time can be daunting. Take your time,be aware of what you are doing and let the water flow freely in and out. After some experience is gained, the process becomes easier and you are able to relax more.